lördag 4 augusti 2012

Procter&Gamble Q4 Rapport

Igår släppte P&G sin sista kvartalsrapport och marknaden reagerade positivt på rapporten (+3,1%)  Några viktiga punkter från rapporten var:

Organic sales increased three percent for the quarter (ökad försäljning)

Operating cash flow was $4.0 billion for the quarter and free cash flow, which is operating cash flow less capital spending, was $2.7 billion.

Core net earnings per share were in line with the prior year period at $0.82. The benefits from cost savings and pricing were offset by the decrease in net sales and higher commodity costs.

The Company returned $1.6 billion of cash to shareholders as dividends. In April 2012, P&G increased its dividend for the 56th consecutive year, making P&G one of only six U.S. companies with this track record of dividend increases. P&G has paid a dividend for 122 consecutive years.

Och nästa år hoppas P&G att:

The company hopes to return $10 billion to its shareholders in the coming fiscal year. Roughly $6 billion will be paid out in dividends, with the remainder coming from share buybacks.

Hela rapporten finns att ladda ner här: http://www.pg.com/en_US/investors/index.shtml

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